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List Of Publications

  1. Sagi*, I. Tavor* (equal contribution), S. Hofstetter, S. Tzur-Moryosef, T. Blumenfeld-Katzir and Y. Assaf. Learning in the fast lane: new insights into neuroplasticity. Neuron 73, 1195-203, 2012 (14.024/6 of 259 Q1)

  2. Tavor, S. Hofstetter, Y Assaf. Micro-structural assessment of short term plasticity dynamics. NeuroImage 81, 1-7, 2013 (5.835/32 of 259 Q1)

  3. Hofstetter, I. Tavor, S. Tzur Moryosef, Y. Assaf. Short-Term Learning Induces White Matter Plasticity in the Fornix. Journal of Neuroscience 33, 12844-50, 2013 (5.988/30 of 259 Q1)

  4. Tavor, M. Yablonski, A. Mezer. S. Rom, Y Assaf and G. Yovel. Separate parts of occipito-temporal white matter fibers are associated with recognition of faces and places. NeuroImage 86, 123-30, 2014 (5.835/32 of 259 Q1)

  5. Horowitz, D. Barazany, I. Tavor, M. Bernstein, G. Yovel and Y. Assaf. In vivo correlation between axon diameter and conduction velocity in the human brain. Brain Structure and Function 220, 1-12, 2015 (4.698/54 of 259 Q1)

  6. Horowitz, D. Barazany, I. Tavor, G. Yovel and Y. Assaf. Response to comments on the paper by Horowitz et al. Brain Structure and Function 220, 1791, 2015 (4.698/54 of 259 Q1)

  7. Joel, Z. Berman, I. Tavor, N. Wexler, O. Gaber, Y. Stein, N. Shefi, J. Pool, S. Urchs, D.S. Margulies, F. Liem, J. Hänggi, L. Jäncke, Y. Assaf, 2015. Sex beyond the genitalia: The human brain mosaic. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 15468-73, 2015 (9.661/4 of 64 Q1)

  8. Tavor, O. Parker Jones, R.B. Mars, S.M. Smith, T.E. Behrens, S. Jbabdi. Task-free MRI predicts individual differences in brain activity during task performance. Science 352, 216-220, 2016 (37.205/2 of 64 Q1)

  9. Nissan, D. Anaby, I .Tavor, Y. Kleinbaum, Z. Dotan, E. Konen, O. Portnoy. The Diffusion Tensor Imaging Properties of the Normal Testicles at 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Academic Rediology. 2018 (2.11/ 64/129 Q2)

  10. Lotan, I. Tavor, D. Barazany, S. Ben-Amitay, C. Hoffmann, G. Tsarfaty, Y. Assaf, D. Tanne. Selective atrophy of the connected deepest cortical layers following small subcortical infarct. Neurology 92 (6), 567-575, 2019 (8.055/ 13 of 197 Q1)

  11. Tavor, R. Botvinik-Nezer, M. Bernstein-Eliav, G. Tsarfaty and Y. Assaf,. Short-Term Plasticity Following Motor Sequence Learning Revealed by Diffusion MRI. bioRxiv, p.553628, 2019

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