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The brain is highly dynamic, adapting its functions and structures in response to both transient events and long-term experiences. Using diffusion MRI, we have found that the brain microarchitecture undergoes a significant level of structural remodeling within minutes following cognitive experiences. Previous studies in the lab have suggested that the origin of microstructural remodeling stems from the glial cells’ reactions to neuronal activity. Using MRIs, we are currently investigating the mechanisms by which glial cell-mediated plasticity occurs and whether they reveal new insights into brain organization. More specifically, we are examining whether the organization of spatial memory domains relies upon neuroplasticity. Concurrently, we are analyzing whether MRIs can be used to identify and understand cognition-driven remodeling processes at a system-wide level.


Were looking for MSc, PhD and Undergraduate project students to join us in our research

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  • 25/9/19  - SYMPOSIUM on Functional & Structural Brain Connectoms

  • 1/9/19 - to new team members Hila & Ronnie! We are very happy to have you around and wish you a fruitful, exciting research. 

  • Check out the ‘starter kit’ page to get more specific information about the work in our lab

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